The six main indicators for evaluating the performance of lithium batteries:

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The performance of lithium batteries is usually evaluated in the following aspects:

(1) capacity.Battery capacity refers to the amount of electricity that can be obtained from the battery under certain discharge conditions, namely the integral of current against time, generally expressed by mAh or Ah, which directly affects the maximum working current and working time of the battery.

(2) Discharge characteristics and internal resistance.The discharge characteristic of the battery refers to the stability of the working voltage, the height of the voltage platform and the performance of discharging at large current under a certain discharge system, which indicates the ability of the battery to carry load.The internal resistance of the battery includes ohmic resistance and electrochemical resistance, and the effect of the internal resistance on the discharge characteristics is particularly obvious in the case of high current discharge.

(3) Operating temperature range.The working environment and operating conditions of electrical equipment require the battery to have good performance in its specific temperature range.

(4) storage performance.After storage for a period of time, the performance of the battery will change due to some factors, such as battery self-discharge, electrolyte leakage, battery short circuit and other problems.

(5) Cycle life.Cycle life refers to the number of cycles when a lithium battery is charged and discharged in a certain way and its performance decays to a certain degree.It affects the life of the battery.

(6) Safety performance.Mainly refers to the safety performance of lithium batteries under the condition of abuse.(abuse conditions refer to: overcharge, short circuit, needling, extrusion, overheating, heavy impact, vibration, etc.) the level of safety performance determines whether the battery can be used in a large number of applications.

(Part of the information in this article is from: Lithium Frontier)

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