Welcome to the 14’th China International Battery Fair

The 14” China International Battery Fair(CIBF2021),organized by China Industrial Association of Power Sources,co-organized by CETC Energy Co.,Ltd.,opens in ShenZhen Convention & Exhibition Center on March 19.

China Interational Battery Fair(CIBF),is the first fair protected by trademark registration in the Chinese battery industry.It has become an international regular fair,which has been held every two years.CIBF2021 includes exhibition,business negotiation,the International Conference on the Frontier of Advanced Batteries,International Conference on New-energy Vehicles & Power Battery,and China International Battery Industry Cooperation Summit 2021.

At present,a new round of scientific an technological revolution and industrial transformation in the world is booming.The integration of automobile and related technologies in energy,transportation,information communication and other fields has accelerated.Electrification ,networking and intellectualization have become the development trend of automobile industry.New energy vehicles have become the main direction of the transformation and development of the global automobile industry and an improtant engine to promote the sustainable growth of the world economy.China has become the world’s largest market for new energy vehicles and power batteries for five consecution years.In 2020,Europe surpassed China and became the largest and fastest growing new energy vehicle market in the world,With the implementation of carbon peak and carbon neutral target in major global economies,it will provide huge development space and market demand for the battery industry.

Wish CIBF2021 a great success!

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