How to maintain lithium batteries

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Proper use and maintenance of lithium-ion batteries can prolong the service life of batteries.So how to properly use and maintain lithium batteries?

1.Correct charging method: safe working voltage range of lithium ion battery is 2.5V ~4.2V, in order to ensure that the battery is in a safe range, special charger is required.These chargers automatically adjust the charging mode according to the current state of the battery.

2.Prevent overcharging and overcharging: Lithium batteries have no memory effect, so do not wait until the battery is completely dead before charging. Try not to use the battery below 20%, especially after 5%.

It is best not to continue to charge the lithium battery when it is fully charged. Although many batteries have overcharge protection now, there may be damage to the battery. Continued charging will lead to overheating and even explosion of the battery.

3.Storage conditions of lithium batteries: the storage conditions of lithium ion batteries are the most critical temperature and humidity.Usually room temperature has little influence on the state of lithium ion battery, but there can be no direct sunlight, high temperature is easy to cause lithium battery bulge or explosion, so the model lithium battery is generally stored in the iron box or plastic box to avoid light and air.

4.Correct maintenance method:

● Suitable temperature, lithium battery charging temperature is 0℃~ 45℃, lithium battery discharge temperature is -20℃~60℃;

● Should be in a clean, dry, ventilated environment, should prevent contact with corrosive substances, away from fire and heat sources;

● Do not mix the battery with metal objects, so as to avoid the metal objects touch the positive and negative poles of the battery, causing short circuit, damage to the battery and even cause danger.

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