Q1: Are your batteries safe ?

R1:Yes, our LiFePO4 battery is safe, it is built with high quality LiFePO4 battery cell and BMS.BMS protect battery from high voltage, low voltage, over current, short circuit, high temperature and low temperature. These is a common fault of the battery. We already take measures to reduce possible risks.LiFePO4 battery safer than Lead-acid battery, lead-acid battery without BMS. LiFePO4 battery built with BMS, can protect LiFePO4 battery.LiFePO4 battery is deep cycle long life battery, 2000 times @80% DOD, it means after 2000 times cycle, still have 80% capacity.

Q2:Why LiFePO4 battery price is higher than Lead-acid battery ?

R2:Considering the cost and time of replacing the battery, you can save a lot of money by choosing a lithium iron phosphate battery. Lead-acid batteries have a life span of 300-500 times and use for 1-1.5 years. The lithium iron phosphate battery has 2000 times @ 80% capacity , so under the same conditions of use, the lithium iron phosphate battery can be used for 7-8 years

Q3: How to choose the right LiFePO4 battery for my application?

R3: Usually lead-acid battery applications can be replaced with lithium iron phosphate batteries, you can refer to the corresponding voltage, current, capacity and other parameters voltage such as 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V etc.
If you need guidance, please send an email to grace @starlithium.com or call +86 136 917 400 97, we will help you find the battery suitable for your application.

Q4:What is the common application of your battery?

R4: Our products are commonly used in AGV,AMR,UPS, RV, yachts, fishing boats, golf carts, Telecommunication Base Station, electric tricycles, solar systems, and auxiliary power supply systems for cars or bus and etc.

Q5: How does Star Lithium battery ship the LiFePo4 battery packs?

R5: Battery packaging is generally packed in UN cartons, cartons and plywood. We have our own forwarder, which support UPS, FedEx, special line , by sea to the port and so on.

Q6:How do we make the payment?

R6:T/T, Paypal, Western Union are warmly welcomed.

Q7:Do I customized the battery?

R7: We support OEM & ODM orders.

Q8:Do you provide battery charger?

R8:Yes, we sell charger, if you need it, we can choose the suitable charger for you.

Q9: How long is your battery warranty for?

R9: We provide 2 years warranty, if you want to increase the warranty, we will increase the price according to your battery application.

Q10:Are you guys have factory?

R10:Yes, we have factory located in Dongguan,which have 6,000 suqare meters and always welcome for you to come and visit.

Q11:Can I store the battery for a while and not use it right now?

R11:Yes,if the battery packs are not being used in 3 months, please place them after fully charged. Please keep the battery pack under a cold and dry condition.